Event Streaming

Everyone Can Be a Broadcaster

You’ve spent weeks, perhaps months, planning and preparing your event. It’s certain to be a success for all in attendance. But what about those members of your target audience who are unable to attend?

We are living in exciting times for digital content creation and media distribution. And when you integrate those components with your marketing efforts, the likelihood of increasing the level of engagement between your organization and your clients, prospective clients, benefactors, or fans rises dramatically, generally resulting in greater financial success. One such way to achieve this is by broadcasting your event live online through Internet streaming. It’s a fantastic way to call more attention to your organization and maintain relevancy in a world where everyone is competing for the attention (and the pocketbooks) of your target market through all forms of media.

Google’s social media platform, Google+, has given users the ability to “hangout” with other users through the use of live video streaming. But just recently, the innovator has opened the opportunity to broadcast to the world across all devices, from mobile to Internet-connected televisions, via YouTube using the platform’s Hangouts on Air (HOA) feature all for no out-of-pocket expense. Other Internet streaming providers, such as Livestream, offer free streaming options as well.

No longer are we at the mercy of the major network broadcasters to disseminate our message. Everyone now can become a media broadcaster. Having read the writing on the wall regarding this technology several years ago, we immediately made the necessary investment to augment our production facilities to include live HD multicamera switching and real time audio mixing and post processing required for broadcast quality media production. We can offer these services to your organization and can integrate the live feed into your website and social media presences. All we need is a quality hardwired Internet connection with sufficient upload bandwidth present at your event’s location. Contact us today to discuss how these new opportunities can help your organization garner a wider audience for your event!

About Aaron J. Courtney

Aaron J. Courtney is the Director of Technical Production at CenterStage Media. He brings media production, marketing, web development, and graphic design skillsets to the firm. He began working with film cameras at age nine and has served in various media post production capacities for over 15 years. Connect with him on Google+ and LinkedIn and follow CenterStage on Twitter and Google+.

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